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After having been closed for just over a week for renovations, The Back Burner Restaurant re-opened January 14, 2015, with a fresh look and a new chef. Chef Julio Rosas, long-time Macon favorite and no stranger to fine cooking, along with his wife, Karen, acquired the restaurant from the previous owner, Chef Christian Losito. Stated Chef Rosas, “With every tiny change we made, we have kept both new and long-time customers of The Back Burner in mind. I think we have created an atmosphere everyone will love.” “The Back Burner Restaurant has crafted a niche by offering a variety of steaks, chops, and seafood. The restaurant’s new menu maintains that tradition and provides guests with more options, both for lunch and for dinner,” stated Karen.

When asked about taking over the business, Chef Rosas stated, “Chef Losito is a long-time friend. I am honored he has trusted me to keep the restaurant alive.” The chefs tied for Macon’s Favorite Chef at the 2011 Foodie Awards. Chef Rosas was the Executive Chef at The Tic Toc Room at the time.

  Ocmulgee Arts The Back Burner Restaurant is located on Ingleside Avenue, where art is served both on your plate as well as at Ocmulgee Arts, located just next door. Décor from Ocmulgee Arts is displayed throughout the restaurant and is available for purchase.